Turi (turi) wrote in mynameisdita,

Queen's English {Work Bitch} Madonna did it first.

Madonna did it first as usual.

Actually when that Jose & Luis ft. Madonna song premiered at the 1992 Dolce and Gabbana show it was originally subtitled “Work Bitch.” Proving once again that Madonna did everything first, and all others remain reductive.

So when Madonna did Vogue she scooped up Jose & Luis Xtravaganza (of the House of Xtravaganza, naturally) to appear in the video, contribute choreography and tour with her. She also released a few tracks by the duo on her record label, including this forgotten wonderful bit of camp. She contributed uncredited vocals (towards the later half of the song) and its one of the few times she’s appeared on another act’s song, and its so gay and wonderful.

This is the censored video version, but in other mixes the term “Work Bitch” is prominently featured.

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