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Madonna News, Photos, Music, Movies and Fans

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Madonna News, Photos, Music, Movies and Fans
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This is a community lovingly and loyally devoted to Madonna since 2002.

MyNameisDita has been serving the LJ Community since 2002

Parlo, Dita: Madonna's infamous persona for Sex and "Erotica" was a gravel-voiced, jaded dominatrix named "Dita Parlo" who was willing to give lessons on f*cking. The name was lifted from a real woman, a German actress (1906-71) who starred in French classic films like Jean Vigo's L'Atlante and Jean Renoir's Grand Illusion. She might've crossed over to the U.S., but her proposed big break (in the never-made Orson Welles film adaptation of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness) never materialized.

from Encyclopedia Madonnica

This is the Sanctuary for all hardcore Madonna fans. This community provides news updates, articles, media, new pictures and more.

This community is heavily moderated. Most posts are locked. To view all posts you must join the community.
Report all abuse to any of the moderators.


  • You are free to post anything Madonna related so long as it hasn't been posted already.

  • Madonna "mind rambling", and questions about her are perfectly fine.

  • The purpose of this community is to share Madonna news.

  • Be sure to include a source. If the story is very long, be sure to lj-cut it. Leave about a paragraph visible so we know what it's about. Read about lj-cuts here.

  • Feel free to contact us to advertise your Madonna communities.

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